Gigi Hadid Is Paxton’s New Narrator in ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season Two

Gigi Hadid is replacing Chrissy Teigen as Paxton's inner voice on season two of the Netflix series Never Have I Ever, following the cyberbullying scandal.
Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock

Gigi Hadid is replacing Chrissy Teigen as Paxton’s inner voice on season two of the Netflix series Never Have I Ever, following Teigen’s cyberbullying scandal.

Hadid is famous for her modeling and activist work, and now she is taking on the film industry. In the third episode, “Never Have I Ever… Opened a Textbook,” Hadid surprised fans as she introduced herself as Paxton’s new inner voice.

The model turned narrator is Darren Barnet’s character’s inner voice for the Paxton-centric episode. Paxton Hall-Yoshida, who is an attractive athlete, has a lot in common with the supermodel.

When the supermodel introduced herself during the beginning of the episode, she admitted to having many similarities with Paxton’s character. Hadid said, “You may be asking yourself, ‘Why is Old Gigers taking time out of her busy skedge to narrate the story of a 16-year-old boy?’ Believe it or not, I relate to this kid. We’re both constantly underestimated because people only see us as sex symbols.” She later admitted, “we’ve got brains too, and feelings.”

Famous American personality Chrissy Teigen was supposed to play the role of the narrator. However, after Courtney Stodden claimed that Teigen had repeatedly harassed them online with shockingly offensive messages on social media in May, Teigen decided to step away and leave the show the following month.

Netflix kept the new narrator’s identity secret until the show’s release. Ultimately, Gigi did a great job with perfectly delivered lines and amusing one-liners.

The series has a habit of bringing famous people to narrate the characters’ lives. For example, the main character, Devi Vishwakumar, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, has tennis legend John McEnroe as her inner voice. Also, Jaren Lewison, who plays Ben Gross, had Andy Samberg as a narrator on the season one episode that focused on his character.


The new season of Never Has I Ever featuring Gigi Hadid is now available on Netflix. Be sure to watch the second season to hear Hadid and watch as the show dives deeper into the teenage drama Devi is facing as an Indian-American high schooler.