Limited Netflix Series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Wins Two Categories at the 78th Golden Globe Awards

Phil Bray / Netflix

The limited Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit took home two Golden Globe Awards at the 78th Golden Globes, including actress Anya Taylor Joy winning her first-ever Golden Globe award.

Charlie Gray / Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit is a one-season, seven-episode show based on Walter Tevis’s novel. The show was released to Netflix in October of 2020 and quickly became one of Netflix’s top shows climbing its way to number one on Netflix’s Top Ten List.

Ken Woroner / Netflix

The first 28 days of its release became Netflix’s biggest scripted limited series to date, with over 62 million household watchings. The show earned two Golden Globe nominations and won both categories. The show as a whole won Best Television Motion Picture, and actress Anya Taylor Joy won Best Actress – Television Motion Picture making it her first Golden Globe to win.

The show is centered around the life of Beth Harmon, played by Anya Joy Taylor, who becomes an orphan at the age of nine. Beth learns chess in her orphanage from playing secretly and increasingly becomes one of the most exquisite players. Once she is adopted, she begins to play in tournaments making her name known in a predominately known boys’ sport.

Fans are impressed by how effortless the character Beth makes the game of chess seem. The show explores the ins and outs of the game of chess and the impossible standards we somehow hold ourselves to. The show is also very empowering to young women worldwide as the character Beth defeats the barriers placed on girls in chess, showing that women are just as capable as men.

Fans are left on the edge of their seats, wondering if there will be a season two of the hit show. Congratulations are in order for all the filmmakers, actors, and actresses a part of the show for winning a Golden Globe for Best Television Motion Picture and a special congratulations to Anya Taylor Joy for winning Best Actress – Television Motion Picture. The Queen’s Gambit is available for streaming on Netflix.