Beverly Hills Surgeon Michael Obeng Removes The Gorilla Glue From Tessica Brown’s Hair

Maria V K / Shutterstock

A Beverly Hills surgeon, Dr. Micheal Obeng, has managed to help a woman who went viral for applying Gorilla Glue to her hair.

Within the past few days, Tessica Brown has been making huge headlines from an incident involving Gorilla Glue. On Tiktok, the 40-year-old woman posted an alarming video proclaiming that she used Gorilla Glue spray in order to lay down her hair, after running out of regular hair glue. Brown pleaded desperately online for help, and luckily for her, a plastic surgeon by the name of  Dr. Micheal Obeng was able to successfully remove the product from her scalp.

Dr. Obeng is a licensed plastic surgeon who works in Beverly Hills, California. He is known for his many publicized achievements, including a proper forehead reduction surgery, and the successful rib removal of Justin Jedlica. You can find a list of all the extensive procedures he has done on his website here. The well-respected surgeon is also known as a cosmetic surgery consultant on various television shows and news outlets. With a background in chemistry, Obeng was able to perform a miracle on Brown’s hair.

In a video released by TMZ, Brown is shown running her hands through her now unglued hair, for the first time in weeks, expressing relief and gratitude. Her surgeon took the time to describe the science behind what he did. Dr. Obeng explained that when studying chemistry, you learn that any compound can be broken down; he found that Gorilla Glue’s active ingredient is polyurethane, and began searching for the chemicals that would act as a solvent. Using a medical-grade adhesive remover, a mixture by the name of MGD, and just a bit of acetone, the plastic surgeon created a solution that could properly remove the glue. 

People all over social media are showing massive support and relief that Brown’s hair can finally breathe again.