Halsey Launches About Face: Anti-VDay With a ‘Mean Girls’ Inspired Commercial


Halsey announced her About Face make-up Anti-VDay Collection with a commercial inspired by the cult classic film, Mean Girls.

Halsey, singer-songwriter, is now the latest celebrity to begin a make-up line. Releasing a commercial paying homage to the 2004 cult classic, Mean Girls, she enlists rapper Rico Nasty, Natalie Mariduena, and Maggie Blackwell.

Played by Rachel McAdams in the film, Halsey plays Regina George, the popular blonde who personally victimized her friends. She is seen lounging in a bathtub with pink and red cut up roses around her while eating a plateful of Valentine-themed donuts. Halsey uses her bright-red-lips-phone to talk and boss her friends around from afar.

Halsey took to Twitter on February 9 paying homage to Mean Girls with the tweet reading, “raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by halsey,” paralleling an iconic quote from the movie that still seeps into media culture today.

Halsey, in true Regina George fashion, tells Natalie that she bought all her friends “matching shirts that say single in glitter” despite Halsey not actually being single. She wants to borrow Quinn’s pink skirt and asks if Rico can do backflips. All of Halsey’s friends are annoyed with her and feign the common cold to get out of her commercial, another iconic Mean Girls reference.

While nostalgic for fans of the cult film, audiences of all types are sure to be entertained by the commercial. The Anti-VDay Collection launches February 9 on aboutface.com, which will absolutely be ‘so fetch.’