Dior Introduces New Lip Balm, ‘Rogue Dior’ to Its Cosmetics Line


Dior presents its first lip balm that ensures 24 hours of pure hydration.

The French luxury fashion and cosmetics brand, Dior introduces its first-ever lip balm, Rogue Dior. This hydrating lip balm is created with a new formula that consists of concentrated peony and pomegranate flower extracts. Rogue Dior is composed of natural ingredients to help enrich lip care.

The new lip balm comes in the shade, ‘Universal Shade: 000 Diornatural’, giving the lips a soft satin look that is made for everyday wear. The product can be used as a simple lip balm or paired as a primer with the Rouge Dior lipstick for a longer-lasting look.

The official Twitter account for Dior announced the new product on January 17 by stating, “Hydrated, nourished, softened and smoothed, lips return to their natural state of beauty, enhanced day after day!”.

In addition to the new lip balm, Dior has recently adopted an eco-friendly approach to its cosmetics line along with its skincare products. This allows customers to endlessly switch out their stick for any of the 75 shades of lipstick or new Dior Rouge lip balm. 

Actress, Natalie Portman was the face for the announcement of the Rogue Dior lip balm. Dior posted to Instagram earlier in the week of Portman rocking the Rogue Dior lip balm captioned “Embodied by @natalieportman, discover the new Rouge Dior Satin Balm: the first Rouge Dior Couture Balm with a universal sheer finish.”

This hydrating floral lip balm is available for purchase now. Rouge Dior can be found on Dior’s official website, retailing for $38.00 and with your purchase, you can receive free shipping.