‘grown-ish’ Star Yara Shahidi Wows With Glowing Skin

@yarashahidi via instagram

Stunning skincare goddess, Yara Shahidi, posts an entrancing new photo on Instagram, with her glow as the center of attention.

For many, achieving flawless skin tends to be a mercurial formula. With the surplus of skin-care routines floating online, which range from dermatologist curated lists to the popular ten-step Korean Skincare Routine, becoming familiar with how to make one’s skin near perfect is quite difficult.

Posing in direct sunlight, Yara Shahidi (black-ish, grown-ish, The Sun is Also a Star) stunned her audience on January 16. Gleaming a natural facial expression with a slight smirk, Shahidi was praised in her Instagram comments for flawless skin.

Shahidi has garnered much attention over the past year with her audience depicting how perfect her skin looks. With a natural glow, smooth texture, and nearly impeccably acne-free, many people have been attuning to her favorite products as well as wondering what her skin-care routine is. 

Despite only being twenty, Shadidi and her dermatologist Dr. Grimes, whom she has been going to since the age of four, have worked to create a routine that’s attentive for her stressful workdays. 

Dr. Pearl Grimes is a facialist as well as a world-renowned dermatologist. She specializes in autoimmune diseases and skin, practicing a more holistic approach. She has written over 100 published articles, two textbooks, and multiple abstracts. Dr. Grimes works with patients worldwide, not only for basic skin check-ups but to help treat and care for skin diseases. 

In an interview with Byrdie, Shahidi stated, “Right now, I wash my face probably two to three times a day—in the morning, then again after being out during the day for long periods of time, and then again at night.”

Despite recounting much of her gorgeous skin to Dr. Grimes, she also preaches about how she manages to have had her parents introduced her skincare habits at a young age. 

“I’m grateful to my mama and my papa for the genetics and teaching me good habits at a really young age. I think the first thing I ever learned to do was wash [my] face, moisturise, all of that, at the end of the day,” Shahidi said to Vogue Uk in a 2020 interview. 

Shahidi’s glowing skin seems to be attributed to her careful dedication to routine. She has eulogized her use of the Bobbi Brown moisturizer, rosehip oil, castor oil for her eyebrows as well posting a Winter skincare routine on January 13, 2020. 

Products Yara Shahidi uses to achieve a natural glow:

Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Cleanser Oil – $50

Bobbi Brown Face Tonic Toner – $38

Vitamin Enriched Face Base –  $62

Hydrating Face Cream – $62

Hydrating Eye Cream – $56

Extra Face Oil – $72

Tinted Lip Balms – $29

Shahidi’s dedication to the routine seems to give an understanding of what her skin requires. Her work with Dr. Grimes looks to be wonderful as shown by how she cares for her radiant skin.

To achieve glowing skin like Shahidi’s one should visit a local dermatologist or seek professional assistance as every person’s skin demands different action.