Thriller ‘The Little Things’ to Be Released January 29 on HBO Max

Nicola Goode/Warner Bros. Entertainment

Oscar-winning actors Denzel Washington, Jared Leto, and Rami Malek are starring in the new serial killer psychological thriller, The Little Things.

Nicola Goode/Warner Bros. Entertainment

Washington plays Joe Deacon, the Kern County Deputy Sheriff. His partner on the case is the Sergeant of the LA Sheriff Department Jim Baxter, portrayed by Malek. The suspected serial killer is Albert Sparma, who will be portrayed by Leto.

In addition to this trio, there are other acclaimed actors in the cast, such as Sofia Vassilieva, who plays Tina Salvatore. Vassilieva was a child star in films such as Eloise at The Plaza and My Sisters Keeper. She has grown up to play roles such as Olivia in Supergirl and most recently, Lara in the 2019 Hulu miniseries Looking For Alaska

The suspenseful two-minute trailer shows Deacon and Baxter unraveling the case. There are also several encounters with the suspected murderer. During the first, Deacon is on the sidewalk staring at a car with a high mileage account when Baxter asks why he is looking at his car. Deacon responds by asking Baxter how big the trunk is.

Later in the trailer, Deacon is pulled over to the side of the road and Baxter pulls up in his car next to him and rolls down the window. Deacon cautiously readies his gun, while Baxter quips back Deacon’s earlier remark, “How’s the trunk space?”

Nicola Goode/Warner Bros. Entertainment

The Little Things will be released on January 29 in theatres and on HBO Max to ensure everyone can enjoy it safely.