The Russo Brothers Share First Look at Tom Holland in New Film ‘Cherry’

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Get your popcorn ready for the American crime and drama film, Cherry, set to hit theaters on February 26, starring Tom Holland. WARNING: This article mentions sensitive topics such as drug addiction and PTSD.

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Cherry, a semi-autobiographical novel written by Army Vet and formerly incarcerated bank robber, Niko Walker, follows the story of a young man’s time with war, heroin addiction, and bank robberies.

Within days of publication, American directors and producers, The Russo Brothers, acquired the film for $1 million, beating out Warner Bros for production rights. The Russo duo is known for their contribution to films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and television shows Community and Arrested Development.

Holland portrays the main character, Nico Walker, an Army medic based in Iraq. Upon returning home to his girlfriend Emily, played by Ciara Bravo, Walker faces the hardships of PTSD while also battling opioid addiction. To keep up with his crippling addiction, Walker resorts to robbing banks and making life-changing decisions.

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Earlier in the week, The Russo Brothers took to Instagram to share their appreciation for Holland’s portrayal in the film. Holland is known for his witty, naive, and laidback personality, seen mostly throughout his time as Spiderman, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Holland was reported to have gone to major lengths to fit the role of a struggling drug addict, losing around 30 pounds and gaining it all back within the time of production. Fans have taken to Twitter to praise the actor for his dedication to the role, with some hoping for an Oscar nomination.

Fans everywhere are excited to witness Holland take on this new, challenging role. Look for Cherry in theaters February 26 and Apple TV+ March 12.