Zayn Malik Teases Fans With New Single ‘Vibez’ From His Unreleased Album ‘Nobody Is Listening’


Zayn Malik is ready to kick off the new year with his album, Nobody Is Listening. 


27-year-old singer and songwriter, Zayn Malik, formerly from the band One Direction posted a sneak peek of his new music early Thursday. The singer’s new album, Nobody Is Listening, will be his third studio album and is set to drop Friday, January 15.

Early Thursday morning Malik posted a 12-second snippet of a song on Twitter and Instagram pictured with an empty stage and the curtains drawn captioned “Tomorrow”. Fans put the pieces together after Malik’s big announcement and discovered an unplayable song titled Vibez on Malik’s Spotify.

The 12-second snippet was seen by over 2.6 million fans who expressed how excited they are to hear the singer’s new music since his last album drop in 2018, Icarus Falls. 

In addition, lyrics to the song were also posted on Genius, a platform for annotating song lyrics. 

“Don’t keep me waiting/ I’ve been waiting all night to get closer/ And you already know I got it for ya,” the song’s chorus goes. “You know the vibes, know the vibes, put it on ya/ If it movin’ too fast, we go slower/ Baby, lose it from me, mediocre/ You know the vibes, know the vibes.”

The single, “Vibez” comes along with a new music video months after Malik’s first release, “Better” from the upcoming album.

Many fans are highly anticipating the release of Malik’s 11-track album, Nobody Is Listening. You can pre-order the album as well as stream “Better” and “Vibez” here.