Amazon Prime Confirms Season 2 of ‘The Wilds,’ and Here’s Why Season 1 Was Such a Success

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Amazon Prime has confirmed The Wilds will return for a second season, and we’re here to give you all the details on why you should watch. WARNING: This article mentions sensitive topics such as eating disorders, addiction, and others.

The Wilds features a plethora of teenage girls, each from racially and diverse backgrounds. The influences of each girls’ life have led to a life-changing plane crash. Now, the girls are stranded on an island, each girl becoming more attune with their surroundings. Unknowingly, the girls are part of an experiment conducted by the head of an empowerment retreat, the Dawn of Eve program. This shows relays through a series of past, present, and future happenings, unfolding a shocking chain of events. 

Highly regarded, this show has received a 92% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. The diverse cast, LGBTQ+ representation, and accurate portrayal of the life of Gen Z’s makes this show a must-watch. 

The series shows how women are embracing themselves without the fear of stereotypes and this theme is repeated throughout season one. The Wilds features eight main characters, all stuck on an island together after a plane crash with no clue of where they are. The cast of the series is impressive and includes Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Reign Edwards, Helena Howard, Mia Healey, Erana James, and Sarah Pidgeon. Each episode takes viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions and is refreshingly inclusive. Representation is one of the highlights for this production, which includes women of color, portrayals of diverse familial influences, and the complex mix of character backgrounds.

Fatin Jadmani, portrayed by Sophia Ali, is a faithful and impressive cellist with a bit of a promiscuous streak. She’s a California native, who grew up in a conservative family. Before the plane crash, she had begun exploring her sexuality, hyper-comfortable with her femininity, as well as body. 

Dot Campbell, portrayed by Shannon Berry, grew up in Texas. Dot had to take on a variety of adult responsibilities due to her father’s illness. This leads to her becoming an adult at a young age, but all she wants to be is herself. On the island, she learns that with the other girls’ dependence on her, her caregiver role never seems to go away. 

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Martha Blackburn is portrayed by Jenna Clause. An Ojibwe Native from Minnesota, Martha’s heritage is quite important to her. Quiet and shy at first, her ability to show her true self builds on trust and time. An animal-lover as well as an optimist, the island allows Martha to believe in change and how it plays out. 

Rachel Reid, portrayed by Reign Edwards, is incredibly headstrong and motivated. Rachel does whatever it takes to become the best of the best. The way she is seen deeply affects her living habits and health. Trying to become a professional diver as well as attempting to join the Olympics, Rachel secretly battles an eating disorder. Shown weighing her food on a scale, this drives a wedge between her and her career.

Nora Reid, portrayed by Helena Howard, is artistic yet quiet. Nora’s voice is shown through her passion for reading. Not particularly favored among her peers, she feels this drive of being left out of her common society. An intellectual, unnoticed jealousy from Rachel is present at first. Yet, on the island, Nora soon realizes her place, as she has to come out of her shell in order to survive. This leads to a stronger relationship with her twin. 

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Shelby Goodkind is portrayed by Mia Healey. A beauty pageant winner from Texas, Shelby seems sweet and predictable. With her conservative and deeply rooted religious upbringing, she has a fear of any change, including struggles with sexuality. Fearful of her God’s judgment, she begins loathing herself on the island as she tries to ignore her truth. There is more to her than just her sweet and sensitive demeanor. This helps her keep her own hopes up while also giving the others a reason to try to survive.

Toni Shalifoe, portrayed by Erana James, grew up with almost no family. Her mother has a strong addiction, putting her in and out of rehab. Toni’s father is never present, which made growing up in the foster system inevitable. Going in and out of living situations, quickly, Toni built a defense mechanism to guard herself. Best friends with Martha, Toni is the complete opposite. An intense basketball player as well as fiery and hot-headed, Toni has a strong feeling of love for those who are close to her. On the island, Toni struggled to get along with others due to her dominant personality. 

Lastly, Leah Rilke is portrayed by Sarah Pidgeon. Struggling with a recent heartbreak, Leah is shown as a girl who loves far deeper than others. Having constant obsessive thoughts leads her to extreme freakouts, manifesting anxiety, and anger. After the plane crash, she has many difficulties getting along with others. She had begun exploring romance and sexuality, as well as another side of her. Depicted as a bookworm from Berkely, she is quickly a noticed loner, grappling to understand herself at times. Quickly, it is noticed that Leah wants to be loved by not only others but herself. She has a constant need to prove her worth to others, which causes many rifts between her and the others on the island. 

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This show is written by women, for women and includes Sarah Streicher (creator of the series), Jai Tiggett, Melissa Blake, and more. It is an example of how powerful females can be, no matter how different. Reaching heights of what television can be, The Wilds shows how individuals are able to come together for a common goal while including all of the elements of good television. Despite the vast differences of each character, the ability to create the suspense of what’s to come mixed with the growth of each character leaves you wanting more. 

The Wilds is now streaming on Amazon Prime, and to keep up to date on all season two news, be sure to follow their Twitter.