Fans Want ‘Bridgerton’ Star Regé-Jean Page Cast as James Bond


After Netflix’s Regency-era show Bridgerton gained popularity, fans have been supporting the idea of having Regé-Jean Page cast in the role of James Bond.


Known for his roles in Roots, Sylvie’s Love, and For the People, Regé-Jean Page plays Simon Bassett the Duke of Hastings in the latest Netflix hit-series, Bridgerton. Bassett swaggers in on his horse in the first episode sipping from his flask. His bad-boy British mannerisms reminded fans of a certain spy. Last month, Regé-Jean Page brought about the idea of playing the infamous 007 in a tweet.

Fans have responded by clamoring on Twitter about Page’s potential.

This idea has become so popular that a Variety article stated that fans have begun betting on the odds of Page’s likelihood of being cast as James Bond. Other contenders include Tom Hardy and Idris Alba.

The Ladbrokes list of James Bond frontrunners:

Tom Hardy – 6/4

James Norton – 7/4

Idris Elba – 7/2

Regé-Jean Page – 5/1

Sam Heughan – 6/1

Richard Madden – 6/1

Jack Lowden – 8/1

Cillian Murphy – 10/1


Page is British-Zimbabwean. If Page were to be cast in the role, he would be the first James Bond of color. While his representation is to be appreciated, this is not the first time that fans have wanted a Black James Bond. 

In 2014, studio executives from Sony wanted Idris Elba to be James Bond. Denzel Washington expressed interest in the role on Reddit in September of the same year.

The character of James Bond was created in the book series by Ian Flemings to be a white British man. GQ mentioned that Black Panther Party leader Eldridge Cleaver wrote on this in his book Soul Of Ice that the symbol of, “The ‘paper tiger’ hero, James Bond, offering the whites a triumphant image of themselves, is saying what many whites want desperately to hear reaffirmed: ‘I am still the White Man, lord of the land, licensed to kill, and the World is still an empire at my feet.”

Despite Bond’s background of racial superiority, there still may be a chance for the future of James Bond to be revamped. After all, James Bond is a fictional character.

Musicals like Hamilton and Great Comet have cast people of color in roles that were traditionally occupied in history and fiction by white people. Actors of different minorities are being given the chance for representation.

Fans are ready to watch Page smile smugly and introduce himself as, “Bond, James Bond.” The question now is if the casting directors in Hollywood are ready to stray from their association of James Bond to whiteness.