Stacey Abrams Emboldened Democratic Win in the Georgia Senate Election

Al Teich / Shutterstock

Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof successfully won the Georgia Senate election thanks to Stacey Abrams’ efforts.

This liberal victory means that the Democrats have the U.S. Senate majority.

Stacey Abrams is an activist, former Representative in the Georgia House of Representatives, an entrepreneur, a New York Times bestselling author, and runs voter registration organizations The New Georgia Project and Fair Fight. Abrams is also the CEO of Fair Fight.

Fair Fight ran a campaign called Fair Fight 2020 that was utilized to fund and instruct voter protection teams in 20 battleground states. In 2019, Abrams launched Fair Count to encourage voter participation and to certify the accuracy of the 2020 Census.

Similarly, the New Georgia Project was founded in 2014 to increase voter registration. Their goal is to register all eligible unregistered citizens of color in Georgia by the end of ten years. The New Georgia Project works to fight against voter suppression that predominantly impacts communities of color.

Since Abrams lost the race for Georgia governor in 2018, she has been committed to helping increase voter enrollment.

Abrams states in an ABC News interview that, “We know that at least 100,000 people who did not vote in the general election are now voting in this election.” 

According to the Atlanta-Georgia Journal, 76,000 people registered to vote between the deadline of the November general election and the runoff election in Georgia. ABC News stated that Abrams is “very certain” that most of the newly registered voters are Democrats based on the population-based voter statistics. 

More than 3 million Georgia citizens voted early in the runoff election which is a statewide record. After Democrats won, many thanked Stacey Abrams for her contributions to voter registration and turnout.

We are happy to see Abrams taking charge in a large way to encourage more people to utilize their votes in Georgia and across the nation.