Watch The Weeknd’s New Music Video for ‘Save Your Tears’

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The Weeknd finally removes his bandages in the video for his latest single “Save Your Tears.”

The Weeknd is back with a new music video for his latest single “Save Your Tears.” The song is off of his album After Hours, which was released nearly a year ago.

The video features stunning visuals, which is usual for The Weeknd’s music videos. The singer is known for his passion for cinematography, and each album typically follows a specific cinematic theme.

After Hours follows a psychological thriller theme which The Weeknd has followed very strictly, even in his live performances of the album’s songs. He’s continuously sported a red suit and bloody face and within recent months he switched it up and started covering his face in bandages.

In After Hours, The Weeknd professes his love for Las Vegas and dislike of Los Angeles because of the glitz and glamour and nosey paparazzi. He also talks a lot about how superficial many people in the city can be and the women’s obsession with plastic surgery and perfection.

The Weeknd poked fun at this in the “Save Your Tears” video. He finally removed the bandages and revealed an entirely new face that was dramatically enhanced by his own plastic surgery.

He’s performing in a shiny red suit throughout the entire video as the audience watches while wearing suits, ballgowns and ornate masks. At one point, he takes a gold award and throws it off stage, which many are taking as symbolism for his recent Grammy snub.

Fans love the video and “Save Your Tears” and “Abel,” The Weeknd’s real name, instantly trended on Twitter after its release. Be sure to go check out the “Save Your Tears” video for yourself, now available on YouTube.