Democratic Candidates Ossoff and Warnock Flipped The U.S. Senate

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The impossible has become possible: in a movie-like ending to an intense battle for the Senate, the final votes are in for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

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During the week that began with November 3rd, the presidential election had some loose ends when it came to the votes in Georgia; their senate election was too close to call. While the fate of the Presidency clearly favored Biden, the true balance of legislation lies between the House and the Senate. The Democrats won control of the House, however, the last two seats in Georgia were likely to remain Republican. If that happened, it would be almost impossible for Democrats to pass any legislation to create real change in the country.

The two incumbent Senate seats in Georgia were held by David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, two infamous Republicans in the political sphere that many are now happy to see go. Both Loeffler and Perdue have been accused of insider trading as a result of their political office, amongst other scandals. Perdue also made clear he does not actually care about his constituents as he regularly skips town hall meetings including one on live-TV.

However, today’s win for Warnock and Ossoff accomplished a historic win that’s been over ten years in the making. The woman who created the foundation for Georgia’s historic flip is now a household name: Stacey Abrams. She has worked tirelessly to drive a new Democratic campaign in the South–heavily in Georgia–with strategies that included increasing the number of registered voters, new marketing campaigns for Democratic candidates, and also running for office herself. While she lost her own candidacy, the results of her work paid off in this election, both in the Presidency and in this Senate race. 

Now that the official Georgia results are in for the two Democratic candidates, many will be happy knowing that this makes Republican efforts more difficult to enact. The Senate is officially split down party lines so any tie-breaking vote will fall to Vice-President Kamala Harris to decide.