Halsey’s New Makeup Line About-Face Is About to Drop

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Halsey takes her first steps into the world of beauty like many stars before her, except her makeup line will be reflective of her bold, messy, and colorful life just like her music.

The singer has recently taken to Instagram to showcase her line of products for her new line, About-Face, as well as exhibit inspired looks that scream punk rock. 

It is no secret, as Halsey reminds us, that she commonly does her own makeup for events like concerts and music videos. Therefore it wasn’t a giant leap for her to have a hand in designing this line. She tells us, “it is one of my greatest loves, but i have always stood firm in the belief that makeup is about feeling cool—not looking perfect.”

This makeup is pretty much a counter-culture to the current beauty trend, naked makeup in which the goal is to appear as if you actually were not wearing makeup. About-Face is selling 10 different products that range from lip colors to eyeliners to highlights and all are cruelty and vegan-free. 

While you can start to purchase different items from the line today, orders will not be shipped until January 25th so you still have time to get yours. Whether or not you have room in your makeup kit to add more products, you can easily gain inspiration from the aesthetic of the line because boldness and color are two ideas we could all use to get a kick-start this New Year. You can start shopping her line on the brand’s website here.