Treat Your Skin to the Sunday Morning Antioxidant Oil-Serum by Versed


Take it easy this weekend and add this skincare product to your self-care Sunday routine.

The affordable skincare brand Versed has recently released a brand new product that is like a two in one special that will be a treat to your skin. Introducing the Sunday Morning Oil-Serum. This product is a unique hybrid of both a facial oil and a serum that work together for your skin’s benefit.

The oil phase of this product works towards strengthening your skin’s barrier while reducing redness and nourishing. The serum phase is dedicated to hydrating and brightening the skin. With these key ingredients, the Sunday Morning Antioxidant Oil-Serum will surely give you and your skin the best of both worlds.

To use the product, simply shake it up to combine the two phases together. Then, pat three drops of the oil-serum into clean skin. This new product has a ton of ingredients that your skin will love, including Camellia Oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract, and Jojoba Oil. You can even use this glowy product as a natural-looking highlight by dabbing a bit on to the tops of your cheekbones.

Additionally, just like the rest of the products from the Versed skincare brand, this product is vegan, cruelty-free, and contains all clean ingredients. Versed also has great goals and efforts in sustainability and taking care of our planet, including less wasteful packaging and using recycled materials.

Add this new product to your skincare routine for a healthy-looking glow. The Sunday Morning Antioxidant Oil-Serum by Versed is available on their website for $19.99.