Maggie Rogers Releases Previously Unreleased Music in ‘Notes From the Archive: Recordings 2011-2016’

Olivia Bee/Courtesy of the Artitst

Singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers has just released an album of previously recorded songs called Notes From the Archive: Recordings 2011-2016 today.

The folk-pop singer released her fourth studio album after releasing Heard It in a Past Life in 2019. Rogers recently made headlines for her collaboration with singer Phoebe Bridgers when they released their cover of the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris.” Rogers’ latest album is a collection of songs that she has recorded over the years but never released including “Together,” “New Song,” “Anybody,” “Kids Like Us,” “Little Joys,” and more.

In addition to releasing the unreleased songs, Rogers also posted videos of her recording the music with her friends. In her latest album, she collaborated with friends including Ben Klein, Holden, and more.

Rogers also posted old pictures from her first shows and included anecdotes about the different songs on the album. Through her posts, fans get to follow Rogers’ journey to fame.

Fans have expressed their excitement about Rogers’ new album on Twitter. Many have expressed how much they love the singer and feel that her new music is better than anything she has released before.

We love Rogers’ Notes From the Archives Recordings: 2011-2016 and can’t wait to hear more of her music in the future.