French President Emmanuel Macron Tests Positive for COVID-19

Alexandros Michailidis/ Shutterstock

French President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for COVID-19 and is now isolated, considering all recovery requirements. 

The Élysée Palace official website announced Thursday morning that President Macron got tested for COVID-19 soon after experiencing its prominent symptoms. As the results came back positive, the Élysée said, “In accordance with the health instructions in force applicable to all, the President of the Republic will isolate himself for 7 days. He will continue to work and carry out his activities remotely.” The French Lady, Brigitte Macron, will also be in quarantine despite not having symptoms. 

President Macron’s results have come as a shock to many, for he is one of the many world leaders to take the virus with immense seriousness. According to NPR, unlike other leaders who tested positive, such as Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, “They were very cavalier… They never wore masks. Macron is always seen wearing a mask. You know, he’s stressed that every decision he’s made has been with huddling with this country’s top scientists.” However, President Macron attended the European Union meeting last week in which he came in contact with other European leaders. 

According to DW Politics, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has tested negative after interacting with President Macron last week. DW Politics says, “The German Chancellor wishes French President Emmanuel Macron all the best for his recovery.” Others, such as Pedro Sanchez, Spanish President, and EU Council President Charles Michel, will be self-isolating after hearing the news. 

As President Macron recovers, it is evident no cautionary action is too small to prevent contracting COVID-19. It is vital to remain aware of those around us and get tested before reuniting with friends and loved ones.