‘The Bachelor’ Unveils the New and Diverse Ladies for Matt James

ABC/Craig Sjodin

ABC’s The Bachelor has unveiled the women who will pursue Matt James’ heart for the next season, and it is one of the most diverse cast yet. 

On December 11, ABC revealed to Bachelor Nation the 32 women participating in The Bachelor next season.  James is one of the most anticipated bachelors, and we can’t wait to see what his season holds. This year’s bachelor will be making history as he is the first Black male lead for the television show, which has a long 18-year history. James’s only ties to the Bachelor Nation are friends, such as Tyler Cameron from Hannah Brown’s season, making this experience completely foreign. However, James is ready to find love, and he will indeed have a hard time deciding with the beautiful women the show has unveiled. 

Just like the leading bachelor, this season will be the most diverse yet. From a runway model to a social worker to a self-proclaimed queen, the women showcase different cultural backgrounds and exude fierce determination. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chris Harrison expressed, “[we] have some amazing women… Bri is a woman who left an unbelievably high paying tech job… to come find love with Matt James. You have a girl like Sarah, who — I don’t want to ruin her story — she is the caretaker of her family, and she’s finally doing something for herself and here to find love.”

One of the other women that stands out is Magi, a pharmacist who arrived in America from a small village in Ethiopia by winning the Diversity Visa Lotto. In her Bachelor biography, the viewers can observe that Magi is optimistic, determined, and wants to make a change. The text ends by saying, “Meeting Matt will be a very new and exciting experience for Magi — she grew up in a place where arranged marriages were very common, so she is excited to be here to show the women back home that everyone deserves to choose who they love!”

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