Sophie Turner Wore a Mask During Birth, Setting an Example for All

lev radin / Shutterstock

Game of Thrones Actress Sophie Turner is making headlines for her Instagram post about masks.

Turner brought back, “And that’s tea” to her Instagram, and in a recent story, she shared with fans that she wore a mask while giving birth. After months of anti-maskers complaining, the actress’s point was that if she could breathe through a mask during hours of labor, then everyone should wear a mask in stores. The post has gotten support from fans and backlash from critics who felt that star should not be telling people what to do.

This clip was the first time that Turner has mentioned anything about the delivery of her daughter, Willa. Turner and her husband, singer Joe Jonas never confirmed their pregnancy publicly, but since the birth back in July, maternity pictures have been shared on the star’s Instagram. The couple has been spotted out by paparazzi with their faces masked and Willa’s stroller covered.

Turner is definitely not the only new mother who wore a mask during birth, as COVID-19 cases surge. The pregnancy and delivery process has become much more difficult, as doctors and nurses are responsible for keeping both mother and baby safe. Since early in quarantine, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been urging to wear a mask and practice social distancing. Experts have stressed that one does not replace the other and have updated guidelines throughout the year.

The X-Men Actress is an excellent example of a celebrity using their platform, even if it comes in the form of some hot tea. Turner understood that by wearing a mask during birth, she was not only protecting herself but everyone in the hospital who helped deliver baby Jonas. We can take her advice and continue to mask up when we are out in public, maintain 6ft of social distance, and practice good hygiene. To learn more about COVID-19 and what you can do to slow the spread, check here.