President Joe Biden is Expected to Nominate Representative Deb Haaland as His Interior Secretary

Romie Miller/Shutterstock

Representative Deb Haaland joins the list of potential nominees to join Joe Biden’s presidential cabinet.

As inauguration day draws closer, Joe Biden has begun announcing potential nominees for his presidential cabinet. Such positions include Secretaries of Education, Homeland Security, Commerce, and Interior.

Representative Deb Haaland has made history with her potential nomination for Interior Secretary.

If nominated, as Biden is expected to, Representative Haaland from New Mexico would be the first-ever Native American cabinet secretary. While this alone is a huge feat, in this secretary position Haaland will be placed in charge of national parks, reservoirs, and monuments.

Putting Representative Haaland in this position could also be monumental for Native Americans across the United States. Interior Secretary and the U.S. Department of Interior deal heavily in determining things such as health care, education, law enforcement, housing, and much more for Native Americans.

Representative Haaland also anticipates helping President Biden in his plans to cease all new oil and gas drilling, in hopes of preserving land and improving the current state of our Earth’s climate.

Haaland has also voiced that she disagrees with the way Trump’s Interior Secretaries, David Bernhardt, and Ryan Zinke, had run the U.S. Department of Interior. Haaland has gained lots of support from Native American individuals as she plans to fight for their rights and well being through her ideas, support, and dedication.

If Representative Haaland is nominated, we look forward to seeing how she uses her position as Interior Secretary to help the lives of millions of Native Americans across the nation.