Florence Pugh to Star in ‘The Maid’ Inspired by the Novel

Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/ Shutterstock

While the novel has not-yet-been released to the public, it is clearly turning heads as the rights have been claimed to turn it into a feature film starring Florence Pugh. 

With a film like Knives Out that hit the box office big last year, with a worth over $300 million, it’s no surprise a murder-mystery like The Maid is being produced. The premise of the story revolves around Molly, a maid working at the Regency Grand Hotel. She learns the secrets of each guest as she cleans their rooms until one guest is found murdered. A proclaimed ‘whodunnit,’ it’s up to Molly to solve this mystery while she overcomes the obstacles around her identity. 

Due to the book publication in 2022, there is no release date in sight for the film, but the producers and crew are slowly signing on, beginning with Pugh. She has reached stardom in a very short amount of time, hitting it big with Midsommar, Little Women,  and soon-to-be-released Black Widow. Pugh is currently working on the new film Don’t Worry Darling, opposite Harry Styles and directed by Olivia Wilde. 

While there is still plenty of time before this project gets rolling, we can keep watching Pugh’s new releases as COVID-19 has not stopped her work ethic. Pugh is sure to pull off the kind and clever Molly in a story that is set to rival an Agatha Christie novel, so that’s the least of our worries while we wait.