Tayshia Adams Makes a Heartbreaking Cut After Hometown Dates on Last Night’s Episode of ‘The Bachelorette’

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Hometown’s week of The Bachelorette had a shocking end as the eliminated contestant was close to confessing his love for Tayshia.

The exciting week of hometown dates on The Bachelorette had a bit of a twist this season. Due to the global pandemic, Tayshia Adams and her men remained at their resort in California. Each of the remaining contestants brought their hometowns to Tayshia in a creative and unique way.

Each of the contestants’ families had undergone quarantining and COVID-19 testing before being able to stay at the resort. After recreating the hometowns at the resort, each of the four remaining men will introduce Adams to their family members.

The first hometown date was with Brendan Morais, who invited his niece to join the date in their makeshift destination of Milford, Massachusetts. Morais put together a carnival for Adams and they enjoyed a great time dancing and playing with his niece, Aliyah.

Morais’ brother and sister-in-law joined the group later. They all hit it off well and Adams said she sees herself falling in love with him and feels like he could be her husband.

The second contestant, Zac Clark, is from New York and had a special day planned for Adams. He recreated them calling for a taxi, hopping in a fake one, and going to get bagels and pizza in the city.

Later on in the evening, Adams was introduced to Clark’s mother, father, and brother Matthew. They all got down to business and asked Adams some very tough and tricky questions. However, she responded well and told them that she and Clark feel right together.

Viewers then see Ivan Hall whisk Adams away to his hometown of the Philippines. They recreate a dish that was made by his niece Kehlani. Adams and Hall then cook the Filipino dish together in a fun and romantic way. Their natural chemistry is shown throughout this date as the two seem so comfortable and happy together.

Adams then meets Hall’s mother and father that night. Hall had hoped that his brother and niece could join them, but understood the difficult circumstances. The mother expressed how she is skeptical about the entire process but ensures Adams how authentic and genuine Hall has always been. Additionally, the father believed that she is a terrific match for Hall and was impressed with how she carried herself.

The best part of the show was Hall’s brother surprising him as he joined the family in discussion. He is very proud of his brother and showed gratitude towards their relationship. Hall then told Adams later on that is he falling in love with her.

Lastly, we see Ben Smith’s hometown date to Venice Beach, California. The two skated around on the sidewalks, drank some juices, and recreated boardwalk shops.

Adams then prepared to meet Smith’s sister and close family friend. Unfortunately, his parents could not make it because of the pandemic. Smith tells his family friend that he is in love with Adams and plans on telling her that evening, but he was not able to say it to her later on.

At the rose ceremony, Adams decided to keep the other three men and send Smith home. She expressed how she did not believe she and Smith were on the same page right now. When Adams was interviewed following the elimination, she said she was disappointed with his lack of emotion.

Smith then said after he was sent home that if it was because she thought he did not love her, then he blew it.

Make sure to tune in to ABC at 8/7c for next week’s two-night finale on Monday and Tuesday. This is an ending you surely do not want to miss.