LeBron James Set to Open New ‘House Three Thirty’ Community Center in His Hometown

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

LeBron James has just announced that he will be opening a new 60,000 sq ft community center in his hometown of Akron, OH.

The LeBron James Family Foundation has revealed plans of opening the new House Three Thirty community center in what used to be the famous Tangier restaurant, which was once one of the largest in the nation. Famous faces like James and the legendary Tina Turner were once customers.

The new center will help to teach financial literacy and provide job training courses and retail spaces to those in the community. House Three Thirty is just the next chapter in a series of initiatives the foundation has laid out in the past few years.

Back in 2018, James was praised for opening the I Promise School in Akron, which focuses on providing quality education to low-income and at-risk youth. The school is currently open to children in grades three and four but plans to become fully operational to grades one through eight by 2022.

House Three Thirty also plans to open by 2022 with partnerships with several corporations. The center plans to work with JPMorgan Chase to provide financial advice, The DICK’s Sporting Goods Foundation for indoor and outdoor physical activities, and Old El Paso for fast food dining and job training sessions.

Many are applauding James for always making it a priority to pour resources into the community, especially in his hometown. They love the idea of House Three Thirty and what it stands for, and they hope more celebrities will follow suit.

The importance of helping those in need and giving back to our communities has only grown during the pandemic while many have lost their jobs and homes, and we’re all eager to see the changes House Three Thirty will bring to the city of Akron.