Classic Card Game UNO Collaborates With Artist Nina Chanel Abney to Create an Expressive Deck

Mattell Creations

In a new collaboration with Mattel, artist Nina Chanel Abney creates a new beautifully bold look for a classic card game.

UNO is a super popular card game among families and friends, and there’s no doubt that it’s been pulled out of the game cabinet during this year’s quarantine and extra time at home. The simple colors and design of the game certainly have their nostalgia and charm, but in partnership with Abney, UNO has released an expressive new edition of the game.

Artist Abney strives to create original artwork that is diverse, abstract, and representative. Her contemporary pieces often feature themes of race, religion politics, and sex. Not only did Abney create a stunning new design for the game, but she also created her very own UNO card to include in her deck. In an Instagram post, the artist describes the new card; “The ‘Wild No’ card, created and designed by yours truly. If someone plays either a Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 card on you, lay down this card to force them to have to draw the cards instead.”

Abney is the third artist to be featured within UNO’s Artiste Series. Also, a part of this collaboration is Pharrell William’s nonprofit Black Ambition which supports Black and Latinx entrepreneurs. Mattel will be donating to this organization.

This special rendition of a classic game is the perfect unique addition to your game collection. Abney’s UNO deck is available for preorder on Mattel’s website and is priced at $20. Be sure to check out Abney’s website for more information about her and her artwork.