Taylor Swift Releases Second Remix of Her Hit Single, ‘Willow’

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She is back at it again, Taylor Swift has released a second remix of her most recent single, “Willow.”

Taylor Swift has surprised fans once again with another remix of her song, “Willow” off her brand new album, Evermore.

Last Sunday, December 13, Swift released a special “Dancing Witch” version of “Willow,” to celebrate her 31st birthday. The remix includes a more electronic dance beat along with the same beloved lyrics of the original “Willow”.

Fans fell in love with the remix and voiced that an acoustic version of the song would be amazing, and Swift did not disappoint.

Swift has gone above and beyond by releasing a new “Lonely Witch” remix of “Willow.” She announced the new remix on social media on Tuesday, December 15, with a short clip of Swift herself.

Since the release, fans have been raving about the “Lonely Witch” remix, taking to social media to congratulate Swift and show their support.

Fans have also been very adamantly encouraging each other to listen to and buy the remix. Well, it looks like their hard work has paid off as the remix is currently charting at number 2 on the iTunes charts, with the “Dancing Witch” version in at number three and the original “Willow” at number four, and the entire album Evermore, dominating the iTunes album chart at number one.

Go check out both of Taylor Swift’s new remixes of “Willow,” the “Dancing Witch” and “Lonely Witch.” Which is your favorite? Also, make sure to check out Swift’s full album Evermore, out now.