MacKenzie Scott Gifts Historic $40 Million Donation to Morgan State University

vasilis asvestas/Shutterstock

The historically Black Morgan State University has just received its largest donation, $40 million, from Author MacKenzie Scott.

In their announcement this afternoon, the Maryland HBCU thanked Scott for her generosity and shared their plans for the funds. Donna Howard, the Vice President for Institutional Advancement shared that most of the donation will go to the University’s “Leading the World Endowment Fund.” Established in 1867, the University just outside of downtown Baltimore has become the first HBCU to receive the highest research status in the country.

After receiving a sizeable settlement from her divorce from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Scott signed The Giving Pledge, promising to use her wealth to give back. Morgan’s historic gift comes amongst several other sizable donations to other historically black colleges and universities. In total, Scott has donated approximately $4.2 billion to over 300 organizations. The organizations that were chosen center on human rights, specifically for people of color and the LGBTQ+ community.

Scott has been receiving high praise across social media, despite not using it much herself. She began trending immediately after the University’s announcement. Alumni from Morgan have been sharing their appreciation and joy that their school was amongst the chosen. Leaders from the University hope that Scott’s generosity will encourage others to donate to HBCU’s.

Scott has earned the title of philanthropist with her giving throughout the year. Instead of letting a highly public divorce shame her out of the spotlight, Scott used the moment, and her money, to change headlines. Scott is a perfect example of how the upper class can use their wealth to help the very citizens that helped them earn their money. So much of Scott’s net worth came from everyday Americans using Amazon, and now she is giving the money back to the people.