Justin Bieber Collaborates With London Medical Staff Choir for a New Christmas Single

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Justin Bieber’s new Christmas single is a song for charity featuring London essential workers.

Justin Bieber is officially releasing a Christmas single with a London medical staff choir for charity. The song will include nurses, doctors, and additional health care staff who work at the British capital’s Lewisham and Greenwich public health service.

The recorded song will be a new version of his recent hit single “Holy.” Profits made from the collaboration will be going to National Health Services charities.

This London choir gained publicity and fame back in 2015 when they competed with Bieber to hold the top Christmas song spot on the charts. During that time, the Canadian singer promoted the choir on Twitter in order for them to reach the top spot. Because of Bieber’s shoutout, the choir resulted in receiving the top spot on the singles chart. He then received the honor of traveling to London to present the choir with their charity award.

The London choir and Bieber’s history has allowed them both to team up to give back to the world. The famous singer commented on his excitement and gratitude to join together once again.

“It’s great to be reunited with the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS choir, as we share a fun bit of U.K. chart history together,” said Bieber. “Especially in these difficult times, I’m humbled to team up with them for a charity single that will benefit NHS workers on the frontlines of this pandemic and pay tribute to their unbelievable dedication.

Be sure to listen to this beautiful rendition of “Holy,” available on December 18.