Haim Celebrate the Eight Days of Hanukkah With Fans By Creating Special Social Media Posts

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The rock band Haim have recently taken to social media to help fans celebrate Hanukkah.

The infamous sister rock band, Haim have been getting us all in the holiday spirit with their social media videos celebrating the eight days of Hanukkah.

The band announced the start of their eight days of Hanukkah celebration with an amazing video of lead vocalist and guitarist, Danielle, shredding on a Fender guitar on Thursday, December 10.

On day two the band announced their brand new collaboration with Taylor Swift. On Friday, Swift announced a surprise album entitled Evermore. Fans were ecstatic to see that Haim and Taylor did a song together on the album, “No Body, No Crime.”

Haim commemorated the song and day two of Hanukkah with a hilarious video featuring the sisters all jamming out the song, eating Olive Garden, and of course, lighting the menorah.

Day three included an extra special bass tutorial from none other than the band’s bass guitarist, Este. She gave a six-minute tutorial on how to play “3 am,” off the band’s latest album Women in Music Pt. III, on the bass.

Day four featured a funny, but slightly crude screenshot of what the band calls their “fav tweet of 2020.”

The most recent post for the fifth day of Hanukkah is an extra special audio clip from the band’s demo of their song “Los Angeles,” along with an extra special polaroid of the three sisters when they were younger.

As the eight days of Hanukkah are clearly not finished, neither are Haim’s extra special posts. Make sure to keep an eye on Haim’s social media pages such as their Instagram to see what they have planned for the three remanding days of Hanukkah.