Fans Defend Lizzo After She Shares Her Smoothie Detox Journey


Using Instagram, Singer Lizzo shared that she recently did a 10-day detox, and she received harsh criticism for it.

Lizzo shared November was a rough month for her, and she wanted to make some changes. She shared that she had been drinking too much and eating things that upset her stomach. Wanting to start anew, Lizzo did the JJ Smith Green Smoothie Detox, where she lived off smoothies and detox supplements for ten days. She shared with her fans that she is feeling better inside and out following the detox.

What was sure to be a positive post about self-care turned into a battleground on body positivity. Fans have put Lizzo on a high pedestal as a representative for plus-sized women, and those fans were taken aback when they saw her making a change. In the video, Lizzo shared that she was hating her body during a dark period in her life, and critics took that and ran with it. Fans even accused Lizzo of suddenly being fatphobic and claimed that she was somehow harming her fans by caring for herself.

True fans of the star came to her defense. Fans explained to those that did not understand that just because Lizzo was making healthy choices does not mean that she is suddenly ashamed of her weight. Others mentioned that just because Lizzo is a star in the public eye does not mean that her fans (or critics) have the right to police her body and what she does with it.

Lizzo has always been about body positivity and was not pushing her diet choices on her fans. After a moment in her life where she wanted to make herself feel better, she chose to share her regimen and was faced with backlash. The “Good as Hell” stood her ground and reminded fans that everyone should be able to do what they want their bodies, and reminded us that she is a Queen no matter what she looks like.