Electoral College Vote Confirms Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Presidency

VP Brothers/Shutterstock

In a display of democracy, the Electoral College gathered to cast their votes to confirm the correct candidate for the 2020 election. 

After the public election in which all citizens have the opportunity to vote, a set amount of time is passed. Then, the Electoral College gathers in specific places of their city, such as the capital building, to vote again in the direction that their constituents voted. For example, if a specific state voted blue, the elector for that group would be inclined to put their electoral votes for the Democratic candidate. 

Throughout the day, different Electoral votes were sent to D.C. to be accounted for which was announced live on various news channels. The winning candidate needed 270 votes to be elected, which Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won when the results of California were recorded. 

While this means we can still trust our election process to uphold democracy, Donald Trump and other Republican representatives can still find other ways to impede the transition of power. However, they cannot do any more significant damage than they have with the countless lawsuits that were tossed out left and right. 

After the vote was confirmed, President-Elect Joe Biden gave an impassioned speech calling for Trump to accept the results of the election, to trust in the process created by the Constitution. The next stage for the Biden-Harris presidency will occur with the formal inauguration in Washington D.C. on January 20th at noon.