Madison Beer Released Her New Song ‘BOYSHIT’ Today and We’re Obsessed

Epic Records

Singer-songwriter Madison Beer just released her new single “BOYSHIT” with Epic Records (through Sony Music Entertainment), and here’s what you need to know.

Beer’s latest hit “BOYSHIT” came out today and fans are obsessed. Following the release of her debut EP As She Pleases in 2018 and her latest singles “More,” “Selfish,” “Baby,” and “Good in Goodbye” in 2020, she released “BOYSHIT” and her performance of her new song on Vevo Lift. Her latest single is from her upcoming debut album, Life Support, which is set to be released on February 26, 2021, and will feature previously released songs including “Baby,” “Good in Goodbye,” “Selfish,” and “Stained Glass.” Beer announced the release of her latest single on her social media earlier today.

When talking about her new song, according to Prelude Press, Beer said, “’BOYSHIT’ is a back-to-my-roots moment on the album; I really wanted to channel the same kind of confidence I carried myself with on songs like ‘Home With You’ and ‘Dead.’ The word ‘boyshit’ is obviously a play on words and a bit tongue in cheek…We had a lot of fun in the studio with this one and didn’t take ourselves too seriously. The line, ‘I don’t speak boyshit’ really just means I don’t have time for petty arguments and childishness, I don’t have time for BS. If you’re not going to change, I’m moving on.” Sony Entertainment also announced the release of the new song on Twitter.

Fans have voiced their excitement about “BOYSHIT” on Twitter. Many stated that she is a rising pop star and should be given more attention for her work.

You can stream “BOYSHIT” on Apple Music, Spotify, and more using this link. We love “BOYSHIT” and cannot wait to hear more of the songs on Beer’s debut album Life Support in the coming months.