Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys Release New Song ‘Matches’

RCA Records

Pop singer-songwriter and dancer Britney Spears and 1990s boy band The Backstreet Boys have just released a collaboration called “Matches.”

Spears, who recently released a single “Swimming In the Stars” in November has just come out with another single with everyone’s favorite boy group, The Backstreet Boys, known for their hits including “I Want it That Way” and “As Long As You Love Me.” The artists released their song “Matches,” which is on Spears’ ninth studio album Glory, which features songs including “Swimming in the Stars,” “Clumsy,” and “Slumber Party.” Spears announced the release of their latest collaboration about the fiery song on her Instagram.

The boy band including singers Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, and Howie Dorough released their ninth studio album, DNA, in 2019. The group is mostly known for their album Millenium, which was released in 1999 and featured songs including “Back to Your Heart,” “Don’t Want to Lose You Now,” and “I Want it That Way.” The group posted about their latest collaboration with Spears on Twitter earlier today.

In addition to releasing the song, Spears also released an audio video for the track on her YouTube channel. The new song and the deluxe album is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, and more at this link.

Fans have voiced their excitement about “Matches” on Twitter, and thanked the collaborators for releasing the track. Many have even stated that the song is one of their favorites from this year.

We love “Matches” and hope to see Spears and the Backstreet Boys collaborate more in the future.