17 States Side With Trump and Support Texas Lawsuit Trying to Block Electors From Finalizing Their Results


17 states have supported a lawsuit to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election and give President Trump four more years.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed the lawsuit and is motioning to have results thrown out from four key states. CNBC released a report on the latest developments on the lawsuit and that Donald Trump has intervened and asked to join the claim. The Supreme Court has yet to rule. This unprecedented move shows that many in the GOP are rallying behind Trump despite some Republican leaders acknowledging President-elect Joe Biden.

The 17 states, including Florida, West Virginia, and Kansas, were all won by Trump in November. The Republican Attorney Generals of these states have given their support to support four states that Biden won. Paxton plans to sue Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, claiming voter irregularities. Despite Biden winning by almost seven million votes, Paxton is trying to discredit the states’ voting process.

Critics claim that this is another attempt at dismantling democracy and a chance for Trump to make January’s transition even more difficult. With recent reports on the distribution of Trump’s donation funds, there are speculations on how Trump will benefit from the Republican Party fighting for him. Democratic leaders already believe the lawsuit will produce no results, especially after recounts in Georgia show that Biden won fairly.

Defendants for WI, MI, PA, and GA are scheduled to oppose Paxton’s suit on Thursday. The proof is in the results, despite Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud. Biden’s inauguration is just over a month away, and Trump’s administration, and its supporters, are running out of ways to stall.

Hopefully, the Supreme Court will see through Paxton’s desperate attempt to throw out millions of votes. The American people made their choice, and it is time for everyone, Republican and Democrat, to move forward towards a better future for our country.