New Album ‘Wonder’ by Shawn Mendes Is Finally Out

Terence Patrick/CBS

Singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes just dropped his latest album Wonder.

Josiah Van Diel/Netflix

Mendes fans and music lovers are in for a treat with his new fourteen track release, his album Wonder. Mendes first introduced his new era of music in early October, when he dropped the single “Wonder” along with its music video.

On November 20, Mendes released another single off the new album, a duet with Justin Bieber called “Monster”. The song is a hit and was performed by the two popstars on this year’s American Music Awards show.

Finally, on December 4, the Wonder album has dropped and fans are ecstatic. The pop album features powerful lyrics with topics of love, loneliness, life in the spotlight, and self-reflection. The incredible instrumentals of the new songs will surely catch your attention as well and allow fans to get to know a new side of Mendes and his music.

“The project portrays an older, more mature musician than the one we knew,” Apple Music describes. “On this album he’s spiritual, connected, and blissed out, deep in love and lost in thought.”

It has been a content filled past few months for his fan base the Mendes army. At the end of November, Netflix released a brand new original documentary featuring the Canadian singer, called Shawn Mendes: In Wonder. The documentary has a ton of exclusive content and vulnerable moments with the young star. His girlfriend Camila Cabello makes appearances as well and has been said to be a huge influence in Mendes’s new music.

Get ready to put this new album on repeat. Mendes’ highly anticipated brand new album Wonder is now available. You can also check out the Wonder website, where you can take part in a new interactive game.