Kristen Stewart Was the Only Guest in Attendance at Chanel Métiers D’Art 2021 Show

Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock

The one and only icon, Kristen Stewart was granted an opportunity no one else had this year, to be the only guest sitting in the front row of the Chanel Métiers D’Art 2021 fashion show. 

There is a reason for Stewart being the only guest in attendance at this years show of course. Stewart is a Chanel Ambassador and Muse of the House. She has represented the brand since 2019 when Karl Lagerfeld was still running the show.

Due to coronavirus protocols, the brand could only include the crew, models, and their one guest as ‘essential personnel’. 

While it might seem strange to host a fashion show for one, the Internet went crazy over the iconic cool that Stewart oozed while sitting by herself in the crowd.

There was something about the composition of her watching and admiring the models that fans fawned over. A moment that could have been awkward is now turned into an iconic memory for Chanel. 

Fans are still singing their praises of Stewart’s presence at this now-famous show and they are also celebrating positive reactions for her newest movie Happiest Season streaming on Hulu.

This holiday film is a comical and heartfelt coming-out story: Stewart’s girlfriend hasn’t told her parents or family about their relationship yet but she still brings Stewart home for holidays with the whole family. While there is a staggering amount of Christmas movies, there are barely a handful of ones about non-straight relationships. Happiest Season is sure to stand out for its rare story and its talented cast, including Mackenzie Davis, Allison Brie, Dan Levy, and Aubrey Plaza. 

Chanel’s Métiers D’Art 2021 show was iconic and we were thrilled to see Stewart thought so as well. You can relive the whole show on Chanel’s YouTube channel here.