The Paris 2024 Olympic Sports Programme Puts Youth and Gender Equality Front and Center

Alberto Zamorano/ Shutterstock

The Paris 2024 Sports Programme will be making history as it brings forth 100% gender equality and introduces breakdancing to sports.

The Olympic Games website has updated their Paris 2024 Sports Programme in which they state their decisions for the games “will help to make the Olympic Games Paris 2024 fit for a post-corona world.” The games are reducing the overall athlete quota bringing it down to 10,500. Likewise, the programme reduced the number of events to a final of 329. IOC President Thomas Bach says in a statement, “With this programme, we are making the Olympic Games Paris 2024 fit for the post-corona world. We are further reducing the cost and complexity of hosting the Games.”

The committee is also conscious of the new generations and the equality required for these games. Bach speaks of their historical gender equality as the number of athletes will be 50% male and 50% female. Such achievement will surpass the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, which had reached a 48.8% female participation. A statement says, “Athletics, boxing and cycling will reach full gender equality for the first time ever at Paris 2024, meaning 28 out of 32 sports on the Paris 2024 programme will be fully gender balanced.”

The Paris 2024 Organising Committee agreed upon skateboarding, climbing, surfing, and breakdancing to participate in the 2024 Olympics. Breakdancing will be making its Olympic debut after its popularity at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018. In the website’s statement, it clarifies that “the urban sport concept has been expanded, showcasing youth-focused events that are inclusive, engaging and can be practiced outside conventional arenas.”

It is evident that the Olympic Games Paris 2024 is conscious of the changes occurring around the world. Not only are they mindful of how our world should manage post-COVID-19, but of equality and the youth. Bringing full gender equality to the games is a step closer to the future in an equal world for men and women. By incorporating sports such as surfing and breakdancing, the Olympic Games create a space of recognition for younger generations to be part of something great.

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