Missy Finds Her Voice in ‘Big Mouth’ Recast

Big Mouth/Netflix

Earlier this year, Ayo Edebiri became Missy’s new voice and finally made her debut for season four.

On Friday, the new season of the Netflix series Big Mouth was released, debuting Ayo Edebiri’s voice for Missy and Missy’s new character development.

In this season, Missy has the best arc out of all the characters. She goes on a journey of discovering her ethnicity with the help of her family. Many fans are happy to see a character that shows the racism many people of color go through.

According to Los Angeles Times, Edebri told them, “[Season] 4 is a really great start, I think, to the beginning of what Missy’s journey is going to be like discovering not just her Blackness but herself.”

Missy’s character is quirky. She is weird, has a unique sense of humor, and enjoys reading books. Missy’s journey throughout the series has to be different from the rest due to her own personality.

Big Mouth has found a way of talking about difficult topics without overwhelming the audience and still keep it fun. Granted, the show is still crude for parents’ comfort, however, their messages are becoming important, making it hard to ignore the importance of teenagers and young adults to watch the show.

You can stream the new season and previous seasons on Netflix.