The Weeknd Drops a New ‘Blinding Lights’ Remix With Rosalía

Nabil Elderkin

The Weeknd has released another “Blinding Lights” remix, this time featuring Spanish singer Rosalía.

The Weeknd and Rosalía have teamed up for an unexpected remix to his record-breaking hit, “Blinding Lights.” This is the second remix of the song after The Weeknd joined Chromatics earlier this year to create the first version.

The remix first dropped last night after The Weeknd and Rosalía first posted an intimate photo together earlier in the day but gave no background information. Fans were confused and wondering what the two had in store. Many thought it was an announcement that they were dating, so the song came as a complete surprise.

The song features Rosalía singing the first verse and chorus of the original song both in Spanish and English along with a newly added all-Spanish outro. The two also recorded a sultry lyric video to accompany the song, which later explained the original photo they posted.

Many fans are loving the remix and the Spanish flair Rosalía added to the song. Rosalía trended on Twitter for hours, and fans are also hoping this inspires The Weeknd to release more of his own Spanish-speaking music after his recent collab with Maluma on the “Hawái Remix.”

Even though many are loving this remix of “Blinding Lights,” there are also plenty of others that aren’t so happy with it. Some feel that it was unnecessary to remix the song a second time and they think Rosalía’s voice doesn’t fit with the style. They’re also disappointed that she and The Weeknd didn’t create a completely original song together instead of a remix.

Regardless of the mixed reactions, many love the lyric video and there’s no denying the chemistry between the two singers. You can judge the song for yourself, so be sure to go give the new remix to “Blinding Lights” a listen.