Spend Your Money This Holiday Season on Alicia Key’s New Self-Care Line ‘Keys Soulcare’

Keys Soulcare

It’s time to relax your inner mind with Alicia Key’s new self-care line Keys Soulcare.

The moment has finally arrived, Alicia Keys highly-anticipated line Keys Soulcare launched on December 3. The superstar created a brand that would transform your everyday self-care routine into a soulcare ritual — a moment to re-ground, re-center, and be present.

Alicia Keys told Bustle that Keys Soulcare is “this [collection that] is really about this conversation that we’re having about how we’re feeding ourselves, how we’re nurturing ourselves, how we’re taking time for ourselves. We have this idea in our head that we are supposed to go until we can’t stand up anymore — we’re supposed to be drained completely. And then finally we’re like, ‘Something’s the matter.'”

Keys Soulcare is more than just a beauty line, it’s a company that has merged the idea of self-love and clean skincare to nourish the soul of humanity through the brand’s products. The soulcare line features three products for its first ritual: Sage + Oat Milk Candle, Skin Transformation Cream, and Obsidian Facial Roller. All of the products come with a different, unique affirmation that will uplift your soul.

The Sage + Oat Milk Candle is a warm, soothing fragrance of sage and oat milk that invites you to press reset, come​ back to center, and connect with your true self as you relax and enjoy the moment. The scented candle retails for $38 and contains 7.5 oz of product.

The Skin Transformation Cream is a hydrating moisturizer that helps reveal plumped and radiant-looking skin. The cream contains three key ingredients bakuchiol, malachite, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. Bakuchiol exfoliates and resurfaces for improved tone, texture, and radiance. Malachite crystal calms and purifies. Ceramides and hyaluronic acid provide long-lasting hydration. It retails for $30 with 1.76 oz of product.

The Obsidian Facial Roller is a stimulating, handcrafted face roller that helps promote tranquility for revitalized-looking skin. The obsidian stone stimulates your senses while helping revitalize the look of skin tone, texture,​  and suppleness. The facial roller retails for $25.

Keys Soulcare products deliver serious skincare and soul-nourishing rituals that are dermatologist-developed, clean, and cruelty-free.

The Keys Soulcare website also has many blog posts relating to body, spirit, mind, and connection to help people give them motivation and develop routines of self-love. Not only does Keys Soulcare want to uplift your spirit, but they are giving back to The HAPPY Organization, a youth-founded organization empowering young people through holistic education.

People are loving the meaning and thought Alicia Keys put behind her transformative, innovative soulcare line Keys Soulcare. Seriously, they are explaining why the brand holds a dear place in their hearts with long tweets and emojis.

Revolutionize your body, mind, and soul with Alicia Keys wellness brand Keys Soulcare that is exclusively available on their website and Ulta.