Sabrina Carpenter’s Perfect Night in Is Better Than a Girl’s Night Out

KELIANE/Hollywood Records

I think it’s safe to say that everyone will want to borrow Sabrina Carpenter’s house for at least a day or forever.

Sabrina Carpenter invited British Vogue into her gorgeous, massive house in Los Angeles where she showed off all the features that make her perfect night in, perfect. The Mean Girls Broadway star home contains a basketball court that doubles as an outdoor cinema, a rope swing, and a Christmas tree that has been up year-long.

Sabrina Carpenter’s ideal perfect night in will involve being active and having fun with her family. The Work It actress revealed her game room which has hosted multiple get-togethers with close friends and where they sip on Shirley Temples. Everyone will continue the party outside by playing some rounds of ping-pong or jumping on the giant trampoline.

The singer-songwriter introduced fans to one of her sisters who also doubles as her personal chef due to her amazing pasta skills. After a yummy meal, Carpenter loves winding down by recording music in her walk-in wardrobe or burning candles while reading the Rihanna book surrounded by crystals. She values family time just as much as alone time.

Sabrina Carpenter’s perfect night in will also feature a rope swing in her bedroom and recording singing covers by her piano. All of her nights end by taking off her makeup and going to sleep in her comfy bed.

Fans of Sabrina Carpenter are obsessing over her video with British Vogue, stating that she gives bring so much happiness and joy into their life.

Go virtually inside Sabrina Carpenter’s home and be prepared to say wow at everything she shows off.