Netflix’s New Hit Musical, ‘Prom’ Focuses on Inclusion for All


The new musical on Netflix targets the world’s need for love and acceptance.

Netflix’s new musical movie, Prom is a fun-spirited movie that will make you smile during the difficult times we have faced this year. Prom has given us an opportunity to feel accepted, loved, and united to close out the most unprecedented year.

The new movie is based on the Tony-nominated Broadway musical. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, and James Corden and more. They will be seen as mysterious and complex characters that can sing their hearts out to your new favorite songs.

The musical includes strong lesbian protagonists, vain upper-class adults, along with personal and political breakthroughs. Prom‘s approach to inclusion and self-acceptance comes from the actions of the characters, rather than them preaching its importance. It is genuine, natural, and fitting for the times we are facing today.

Prom will be released on December 11 on Netflix.

The preview is riveting, entertaining, energetic, and emotional, as we see the difficulties and challenges the characters will face throughout the musical. People are so excited to watch this happy movie this holiday season.

This is a perfect time for this movie and the entertainment that we all need during these stressful and scary times. Be sure to watch Prom on Netflix this month.