Rihanna Shares Her Skincare Routine and Natural Makeup Look in a New Video


Rihanna shares how she keeps her skin healthy and prepped for makeup while showcasing Fenty products.

Superstar Rihanna has recently shared a video with her fans where she shows her simple skincare and makeup routine. During her tutorial, she uses products from her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty, as well as skincare items from her newer collection Fenty Skin.

The emphasis of the video is to show how well the products from Fenty Skin and Fenty Beauty work together to create a cohesive finish to the face. She first cleanses her face with the Fenty Skin Total Cleanser before adding any additional products. To refine the pores Rihanna uses one of her favorite products, Fat Water, which is a toner-serum.


After her skincare routine, Rihanna moves on to makeup and shows us how the beauty products perform on top of the skincare products she used. She stresses the importance of healthy skin as a nice base for cosmetics. “Great makeup comes from good skin,” she says, explaining her reasoning behind creating the skincare line Fenty Skin.

To complete the natural dewiness of the makeup look, Rihanna sticks to cream products from Fenty Beauty, such as the Cheeks Out Cream Bronzer paired with the Cheeks Out Cream Blush. She adds some extra glow with the Match Stix Glow Skinstick and finished off the look with the Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick.

This winter, everyone could use healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin. To follow this simple skincare and makeup routine, check out the Fenty Skin and Fenty Beauty products by Rihanna, here.