Florence by Mills ‘Swimming Under the Gel Eye Pads’ Are Perfect for a Girls Night In

Florence By Mills

Florence by Mills ‘Swimming Under the Gel Eye Pads’ is the perfect addition for a holiday slumber party with your best gals this Christmas season.

Millie Bobby Brown is the founder of the cruelty-free skincare company, Florence by Mills that just recently released the cutest gel eye pads for the holiday season. The ‘Swimming Under the Gel Eye Pads’ will help you feel re-energized and present again. 

The trendy gel eye pads can be exclusively found on Florence by Mill’s website and all other makeup retailers. Swimming Under the Gel Eye Pads is amazing for a girls’ night in and only retail for $34.

The product contains 30 pairs of the aesthetically-pleasing purple whale that are essential for covering up sleepy eyes. The cute purple whales are soaked in a soothing essence that hydrates and brightens up your beautiful faces with de-puffing coconut extract and moisturizing hyaluronic acid. 

The fashionable, self-care gel eye pads will remove all signs of exhaustion and tiredness through their three key ingredients coconut extract, sodium hyaluronate, and pine extract. The coconut extract is a tropical wonder that helps soothe and de-puff. Sodium Hyaluronate is a super moisturizing form of hyaluronic acid that ditches dullness. Finally, pine extract is a good source of antioxidants that help feed skin.

The cosmetics company recommends using the beautiful whales under each eye on clean, dry skin with the tails facing in or out – You choose the whales adventure. Leave them on for 15 minutes then remove and tap the remaining serum into the skin with your fingertips.

The ‘Swimming Under the Gel Eye Pads’ are also available in every single Florence by Mills holiday gift set which are the perfect self-care gift to split between your BFFs or keep all for yourself. They will range from $19 to $99, featuring your favorite skincare gel eye pads and staple self-care pieces from Florence by Mills.

Spice up your holiday season with your favorite girlfriends by using Swimming Under the Gel Eye Pads. Every purchase will benefit the Olivia Hope Foundation, buy them here.