GOT7 Releases New Music Video for ‘Last Piece’ From Their Brand New Comeback Album, ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’

YP Entertainment

GOT7 is finally back and has released a brand new music video for their song “Last Piece” off their latest album Breath Of Love: Last Piece.

On November 9, the Korean boy band, GOT7, announced that they will be making a comeback after a two-year break. The band stated that they would be commemorating their return with a brand new album, Breath Of Love: Last Piece, which will be released on November 30.

Though the release of the band’s fourth album is not the only surprise GOT7 fans will be receiving, the band also released a new music video for their song “Last Piece.”

The video is currently trending at number 17 on YouTube and has already accumulated over 2 million views in just only nine hours of its premiere.

The video showcases all of our favorite GOT7 band members, as they give nothing less of a spectacular performance, complete with excellent choreography, styling and of course vocals.

Prior to the video’s release, the band had also released different teaser trailers for the “Last Piece” music video, which included individual teasers for each member.

The whole album is now available on Spotify, or if you want a hard copy, you can order from Amazon. The album features ‘Last Piece” as well as new songs such as “Breath,” “Waiting For You,” and “Born Ready.”

Make sure to check out GOT7’s official music video for “Last Piece” as well as their brand new album Breath Of Love: Last Piece, which is out now.