Selena Gomez Talks Self-Acceptance and Women Empowerment With the Help of BLACKPINK

Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

Selena Gomez discusses the importance of female friendships throughout her journey towards self-acceptance and love.

Selena Gomez has deeply opened up about her process of self-acceptance, as well as her opinion towards the strength that social media has to turn women against each other. Gomez interviewed with CR Fashion Book and spoke openly and willingly on her stance involving female relationships.

“My girlfriends are everything to me and we’ve been there for each other through so many things together. I refuse to buy into this idea that women are competitive and can’t support each other,” she divulged to the source. “I think it comes from their fear of women sticking together because there’s nothing we can’t accomplish when we have each other’s backs. I have to say, in the entertainment business, I feel like we all are happy for each other’s successes and celebrate any and all victories other women accomplish because it’s a victory for all of us.”

The singer is an inspiration to many women today. Her repetitive theme of self-love is mirrored in her music as well as her actions.

Gomez also discussed how social media has affected her self-image, self-love, and self-worth.

“Over the last several years I have worked very hard learning to be more comfortable in my own skin and accept the things I used to be hard on myself. The road to self-acceptance isn’t an easy one and trust me I still have my moments,” she said. “My generation grew up just as social media was becoming a way for everyone to communicate with each other. At the beginning I saw it as just a fun way to post pictures and stay in touch with people, and then you realized it started to play with your mind and your self-worth. Once you can separate the two and know your worth isn’t connected to that world it’s a very freeing feeling.”

A project Gomez tackled this year was a collaboration with BLACKPINK. The South Korean girl group featured Gomez in their hit song, “Ice Cream.” This was a way for the singer to be happy in her own skin, as well as be surrounded by many accomplished women.

“I just love them and their energy. We had a lot of fun together but sadly because of the virus we weren’t able to do anything in person. I had met Jisoo and Rosé at a fashion show a couple of years ago but I can’t wait to meet the other girls in person one day.”

We wish nothing but the best for Gomez, as she continues her music career as well as inspiring women every day.