Shawn Mendes Leaves Audiences Awestruck With Performance of ‘Wonder’ at the 2020 AMA’s


At this year’s American Music Awards, Shawn Mendes left audiences in awe with a stunning performance of his hit single “Wonder.”


The single comes from Mendes’ upcoming album Wonder that will be available on December 4. This album will be Mendes’ fourth studio album in two years since the self-titled record, Shawn Mendes.


The performance began with Mendes surrounded by a homey aesthetic filled with vintage and neutral-hue motifs. The singer-songwriter drew the viewers in as he softly played the piano. As the song progressed, Mendes wondered about the stage showcasing a pensive-laden ambiance. 

As the artist sat upon a vintage leather sofa, a guitar stood beside him, alluding to his escape through music. Surrounded by piles of books and a dimmed ambiance, Mendes sings, “And I wonder if someday you’ll be my side / Tell me that the world will end up all right.”

As the song entered its second chorus, Mendes exited the set stage into the Microsoft Theater’s empty floor seats. The artist’s emotions and excitement visibly bled through our screens as he vocalized and ran up to the second stage. Here, Mendes joined his band as bright, flashing lights filled the dark backdrop. Along with this, fog effects added to the wonder-driven performance. 

Throughout the performance, Mendes demonstrated to the many viewers at home the undeniable talent he holds. 

Fans took to Twitter to express their support and excitement for Mendes’ outstanding performance. 

Be sure to follow Mendes on Twitter and Instagram for upcoming music and album release on December 4. If you missed the American Music Awards, visit the ABC Channel website for performance clips and more.