Billie Eilish Gives Her First Live Performance of ‘Therefore I Am’ at the 2020 AMAs


Billie Eilish gave a show-stopping performance of her latest single “Therefore I Am” at last night’s AMAs.

Eilish rocked the stage at last night’s American Music Awards as she gave the debut performance of her latest song “Therefore I Am,” which was just released two weeks ago. As usual, Eilish gave stunning visuals and kept everyone captivated throughout the entire show.

The performance featured Eilish walking through narrow hallways while red, orange and yellow lights flashed, giving the stage a fiery glow. Her brother Finneas joined her onstage in a matching outfit as he played the guitar alongside her.

Eilish is known for having out-of-the-box music videos and live performances, which is something that sets her apart from other artists. This time was no different as the 18-year-old pop star gave an unexpected stunt to end her performance with a bang.

Eilish climbed a set of stairs in the middle of the stage then fell backward. She disappeared leaving fans wondering what happened, then she reappeared on a completely different part of the stage to finish off the song.

As always, fans are loving Eilish’s latest performance and many live-tweeted the show expressing their love for the singer. They’re proud of how much she’s evolved musically and how her confidence on stage continues to grow. Even though she has graced many stages throughout her short career, her fans are always left even more mesmerized than before.

Her AMAs performance has Eilish’s fans wondering what else she has in store, and they’re itching for the days when they’ll be able to hear “Therefore I Am,” and her other recent releases live. Until then, be sure to listen to “Therefore I Am,” now available on all music streaming platforms.