The CW’s ‘Black Lightning’ Announces Series Ending After Season 4

Mark Hill/The CW

CW’s Black Lightning has announced its discontinuation after its fourth season.

Black Lightning focuses on a retired superhero who is now a high school principal. Jefferson Pierce is forced to put his suit on once again when a local gang enlists the help of one of Pierce’s top students.

The fourth season is said to release in February of 2021. Though it marks the end of a chapter, director and co-creator Salim Akil, has announced he will be creating a spin-off that focuses on the villain, Painkiller. This antagonist, played by Jordan Calloway, will have his story told.

This talented cast has done an amazing job portraying Black people in all of their beauty. As DC’s first African-American family of superheroes, they have empowered an entire community and culture by representing them on screen. Bringing these beloved characters to life, they have given back in a way that can’t be described with words.

“When we first started the Black Lighting journey, I knew that Jefferson Pierce and his family of powerful Black Women would be a unique addition to the superhero genre,” Akil said in his announcement on Instagram. “I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve been able to do and the moments we’ve been able to create in bringing DC’s first African-American family of superheroes to life for the culture.”

This family will live on in our hearts, and their contribution to the world of superheroes will remain intact. Though the show is ending, the monumental impact it has and will continue to have is permanent.