Meek Mill Releases New Music Video for His Song ‘Pain Away’ Featuring Lil Durk, off His New EP ‘The Quarantine Pack’

Atlantic Records/YouTube

Rapper Meek Mill recently released a music video for his song “Pain Away” featuring Lil Durk.

On Friday, November 20 Meek Mill released his brand new music video for “Pain Away” on YouTube. The song is collaboration with fellow rapper Lil Durk, who is known for his songs such as “Three Headed Goat”, “Dis Ain’t What U Want” and his collaboration this year with Drake on “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

Mill’s video is currently trending at number five on YouTube, with over 550,000 views and 70,000 likes.

The video showcases Mill and Lil Durk being surrounded by tons of money, luxurious cars, and a private jet through the video.

Though the music video was not Mill’s only surprise for fans. Mill also dropped his brand new EP The Quarantine Packs. The EP features four tracks total, ‘Pain Away,” “Middle of It” featuring Vory, “GTA” featuring 42 Dugg, and “Think It’s a Game,” again featuring Vory.

Before The Quarantine Packs, Mill’s most recent release was his album Championships in 2018, which featured songs such as the title track “Championships,” “Trauma,” and “On Me” featuring female artist Cardi B.

Though fans have not gone without music from Mill as he collaborated with Justin Timberlake on a track called “Believe” in February of 2020.

Mill has also released official audio videos on his YouTube for the three other songs on the EP.

Make sure to check out Meek Mill’s new music video for “Pain Away” featuring Lil Durk, and don’t forget to listen to Meek Mill’s new EP, The Quarantine Packs.